Friday, 29 February 2008

Being in Love

Infinite Love is all there is.

This means we all share the ONE Infinite Love while having our unique individualities. It's rather like a bus carrying many passengers headed in their own unique destinations.

Unlike the human experience where most people tend to mind their own business, in the ONE all is known. We are always loving and supporting one another no matter what.

I have a choice whether to commune with the ALL/ONE; or commune with individuals.

I woke up last night with a cramp on one foot. At first I called on the ONE for assistance to release the cramp but it didn't seem to do the trick. I felt I needed personal attention, so I thought of a friend and asked him for healing. I instantly felt a Presence and was told to lie down. The Presence massaged my foot until the cramp went away. The Presence stayed with me for quite some time.

I then thought it would be fun to speak to other people I "knew" which I did. Today, I actually received emails from two of the friends I chatted to last night.

It's wonderful being in Love.


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