Thursday, 14 February 2008

Bringing Out the Best of Someone/Something

I see myself with infinite filaments of lights coming from me and attached to all forms. Every time I focus on a person or an experience, I am activating the filament that connects me to the person or experience; and I get to experience that person or thing. I'm only interested in receiving the highest anyone or thing has to offer, however.

For instance, while I'm reading a book or an article, I know that I'm receiving all the good intentions from that book. This means I get to receive the purest idea before it was filtered by the author's paradigm and beliefs.

I've been doing experiments where I think of someone and then feeling that individual. I've found that the feeling I get is the same feeling of ecstasy I receive when I'm thinking about my true self. I've also done experiments with people or situations I haven't been comfortable with. I've also found that I get the same feeling of joy. This suggests that in essence we are all the same pure love.

What happens when I expect to experience only the best of someone, I am bringing out the best in that individual.

When I was a child, my mother and my two brothers lived with my uncle and his family in Africa. My uncle took on the role of the father figure. My uncle was a very strict disciplinarian and intimidating. And yet I couldn't take him seriously. I knew he was only playing at being strict and angry and it wasn't real. So I refused to be scared of him. Even when I got disciplined by him, I couldn't take him seriously.

The result was that he became how I saw him. By this I mean he was always loving to me and we got on brilliantly. The interesting thing was that for his kids and my brothers who saw him as strict, he was always intimidating to them. When I left his house to live in England, my uncle always remembered me as his favourite niece who couldn't do any wrong.

Though I wasn't actually conscious of this at the time, when I refused to be scared of my uncle, I was bringing out the best out of him. My uncle has now passed away. I heard that at his funeral, many people turned up to give testimonies about what a kind and generous man he was. I wasn't surprised; I always knew him to be a kind and generous man.

I expect to receive only the best life has to offer.


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