Thursday, 21 February 2008

Calling in the Professionals

I believe we are all professionals. Some people are experts in many fields while others specialise in only a few. When I need help and I pray, the equivalent professional always appears.

In the book, Praying and Getting Results by Bob Gass, a woman discovers she's locked her car keys inside the car and is desperate to get home. She prays for assistance. A dishevelled looking man turns up and asks if he can help her. She explains her predicament. The man finds a coat hanger that just happens to be lying there, uses it to break in through the window, opens the door, and lets the woman in. The woman thanks him and tells him he's a very nice man. The man says he's not a nice man as he's just been released from prison for car burglary. The woman then thanks God for sending her a professional.

I just love that story! It's good to see the man's car burglary skill put to good use. I reckon car manufacturers could do with car burglars' expertise to help develop better locking facilities.

Just recently I was pondering over a news item on television about Turkey. A ban had been lifted that enables women at universities to wear Islamic headscarves. Given how much freedom people have to express their religious beliefs in the UK, I couldn't understand why that wasn't the case in Turkey. A few days later I ended up meeting a friend who is not only from Turkey but works in the field of human rights. We discussed the news item and he shared background of the case and the ramifications of the lifted ban. As you can see, I had been sent a professional to enlighten me.

Another time I was wondering about what happened to two pop stars. The next day I met this woman on the bus who had met both of these pop stars I had been wondering about. It turns out she moves round in that circle. Again, I was sent a professional in the field.

There have been many times when I've been called upon to share my professional skills. Here's one such example.

The other evening on the way home, instead of going home the usual way, I decided to go for a bus ride. On my final bus home I heard this man, who seemed drunk, asking passengers where we were. They told him. He asked how to get to a particular building but they didn't know where it was. I knew exactly where he wanted to go because I've been in that building lots of times. I was able to share my professional skill with him. Perhaps that's why I went on a detour so I could help a friend in need.

Last night I watched a performance on television by the American stand-up comic, Chris Rock. One of the things he talked about was the gun laws in America. He suggested that the way to deter gun crimes is to raise the price of each bullet to $5,000. When each bullet costs so much you're going to have to think twice before shooting someone. The way Chris described it had me in stitches.

On the bus this morning I saw our neighbour and I sat next to him. Each time I see him, he regales me with stories of the Second World War. You could say he's a professional storyteller. During the journey, he complained about young people not having any respect for society. He said in his day they got into fist fights but nowadays kids use guns. I shared Chris Rock's suggestion about how to prevent gun crimes and he thought it was hilarious. It was good to share a joke with someone who appreciated it.

In truth there is only the One LOVE playing the many professional roles.

Love and appreciation to all the professionals who are willing to share their expertise.

Enocia, the professional joy sharer, bus passenger, storyteller, blogger, telly addict, joker... to name but a few of my skills

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