Friday, 29 February 2008

Channelling - Revisited

During my bus journey I looked up at the sky and spotted a cloud that looked like a dog, a Poodle. I gazed at it until the cloud became formless; or at least transformed into a shape I couldn't quite figure out. I then had this strange feeling that I was a dog or I was looking at the world from the perspective of a dog. I felt one ear pricking up as some dogs do. I knew I was channelling doggie behaviour.

I recently watched a Reality TV show called The One and Only where they were looking for the UK's best tribute acts. The winner would be performing at Las Vegas. Some of the tribute acts were so amazing it was like they were continuously channelling the actual stars. They moved just like them. I was dead impressed with the Lionel Ritchie tribute act who is a white guy; Lionel Ritchie is black. The winner was the Dusty Springfield tribute act.

If people can impersonate singers so well, imagine what it would be like if they could channel the One and Only True Self? Now that's magic!

I am channelling, love, love, love.


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