Saturday, 23 February 2008


In last night's American Idol one contestant talked about how her attachment to the outcome was making her very emotional.

I know exactly what she means. I find that when I'm watching a show such as "American Idol" and I choose someone I want to win, I experience butterflies in my stomach. I reckon I'm picking up all the anxieties of not only the contestants but of the viewers. I find when I don't choose any sides, I feel no emotions. I am then able to enjoy the show regardless of outcome. This state of enjoying what is without attachment is called equanimity.

Although I'm going to watch "American Idol" with complete detachment, I still think Michael Johns should win because on one of his auditions he had on a t-shirt with the words: "Sweet Freedom." One of my favourite songs of all time just happens to be "Sweet Freedom" by Michael McDonald.

Another contestant I admire on "American Idol" is Amanda Overmyer, who is such an original.

Apart from Amanda and Michael, I don't care who wins. Really, I don't. ;-)


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