Wednesday, 13 February 2008

The Game of Time Keeping

I don't wear a watch and I haven't worn one in many years. As I see it, there are always clocks around anyway. Failing that, I could always ask someone if I need to know the time.

So there I was relaxing in my favourite book store. I had a feeling it was getting late and wondered what the time was. I looked round to see if there was anyone I could ask. There were two customers sitting behind me but they seemed so engrossed in what they were reading I didn't feel like disturbing them.

I had another option: play the game of time keeping. So I looked at the empty space to my left, imagined myself asking someone the time and receiving the answer.

Soon enough a shop assistant walked by and stood right where I had imagined someone. I asked him the time and he told me.

I love playing, don't you?

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