Wednesday, 27 February 2008

The Hand

In a recent article I wrote about how I once woke up and felt a hand trying to suffocate me. I was able to release the hand with some words from the Bible.

Someone who had read that article had this to say:

I just read about your experience of an unseen hand choking you to death! I had a similar experience about 1979-1980.

I arose one morning and suddenly an unseen hand was choking me to the point I could not breathe. I thought to get dressed quickly and drive myself to the hospital but realized there just wasn't enough time so I picked up the phone to call for help. But alas, I could not breathe in, OR out, and realized that I couldn't speak, either. My ears began to ring and my vision began to fade and I fell onto the bed. Just before I died, I yelled out (in my mind since I couldn't speak) the word "Lord." It was as though I said "Uncle" and immediately the hand let go and I was able to breathe!

The Creator can, and does, listen to your thoughts! Learn to carry on a conversation with YOUR CREATOR and you'll have the ultimate relationship you could ever hope to have!

Wait till you experience that unseen hand reach deep into your chest and massage your liver! WOW; nothing tops GOD!

Keep it up and one day you'll feel His Seal lower over your forehead and emboss His LOGO in your skull! YOU BELONG TO YOUR CREATOR!!!!!!

I found it fascinating that he'd had a similar experience. It got me wondering about people who apparently die in their sleep. I wonder if that hand is the culprit?

I have also experienced the Benevolent Hand. That Hand once pulled me away by the scruff of my neck when I was about to be run over.

I expect to only experience the Benevolent Hand.

Love can only attract Love.


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