Monday, 18 February 2008

Homing Pigeons

As I was waiting at the bus stop I saw two pigeons. Sometimes they were feeling together, sometimes they were apart but there seemed to be an invisible thread that kept pulling them back.

In thought I asked them if they did in fact fly as it's a rarity these days with pigeons in London who seem to walk everywhere.

I continued to observe the pigeons. As the bus was taking ages to arrive, the pigeons had free reign on the bus lane. They kept pecking all the way to the main road, totally oblivious to the traffic; or maybe they knew they were safe. Both pigeons walked to the traffic light. They were going to cross over but the lights changed to green so they stayed put. They waited until the lights had changed then they walked to the other side.

By this time I was bored with waiting for the buses that were never arriving. I decided to use another route across the road. While I was waiting, I saw the two pigeons again. They walked and pecked together on the pavement. After they'd had their fill, they flapped their ways and they were off. It was if they were answering my earlier question that they do fly but only when it suits their purpose.

One thing I got from observing the pigeon was that invisible thread that connected both of them. While these pigeons are connected to their family group, the collective consciousness of all pigeons, the collective consciousness of all birds, and to all life, there was a tangible thread that connected these two pigeons that kept bringing them back together. I can imagine that no matter where they are that thread would always attract them together.

I believe in that invisible thread between two souls which will always draw them together no matter what. You know who you are.