Thursday, 28 February 2008

Infinite Blessings

Last night as I was waiting for the bus, this elderly-looking woman appeared at the bus stop. As all the seats were taken, I offered her mine. She thanked me and said, "God bless you!"

I felt the power of her blessing all around me. When her bus arrived she thanked me again and said "God bless you!" Again I felt the power of her words and felt really blessed and loved.

If one person's blessing can have such power, imagine what's it's like to receive blessings from everyone. I got my answer this morning in the form of a vision, though it was very real to me.

The room was filled with the entire universe. The finite mind might question how it is possible for infinity to fit into one tiny space, but the laws of Spirit are unconditioned. All things are possible with Spirit.

Anyway, there was everyone present as their essence as Love-Light. They included all species in all realities, all forms, all ideas. They were the ALL of God. Everyone was present all beaming with pure love. Even people I've had "difficulties" with were there as love.

The All spoke with one voice. I was told that they were here to give me their blessings and continuing support. The ALL are constantly pouring out their love to everyone and seeking expression through each of us if we are open. The ALL wish to dream through all of us. I was told that all we need to do is trust in Love and Love can take care of all our needs. I soaked in their love like a sponge.

I was soon given the opportunity to put the love of the ALL in practice.

A few days ago I noticed that after I had used an eyeliner I hadn't worn for a while, my eyelids started itching and they got really sore. The next day my eyelids were swollen. After I prayed for some healing and my eyelids got better, I applied the eyeliner again but my eyelids got worse so I abandoned it. After my vision this morning, I decided to apply that eyeliner. Before I did, I recalled the love of the ALL knowing my eyeliner was part of that love. I then thanked the eyeliner for its blessing. After I had applied it, my eyelids were fine. As I write this, they are still fine.

After I got dressed, my mother asked me to buy some milk from the shops. I discovered the price had gone up by 10 pence. I told the shopkeeper I would pay him later. When I went home I told my mother about this. She asked me to fetch her purse so I could give the man his money. On her bed was the 10 pence I needed. I asked mum if she'd left the money there and she said she didn't remember doing so. I bet it was from my friends of love.

Thank you ALL for your infinite blessings.


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