Friday, 22 February 2008


What is inspiration?

For me, inspiration is the raising of my frequency from the level where life is a grind to that of joy, wonder and effortless living. If I want to experience a life filled with joy and wonder, I have to be constantly inspired.

I find being in stillness is one great way of raising my frequency. All I need to do is listen to the inner sound, the voice of my True Self/Love, and I am filled with joy.

I've always believed in the power of prayer to protect, restore, heal, and meet one's needs. What I've come to realise is that prayer is inspiration, in terms of raising one's frequency.

As a child, my brothers and I lived with my uncle and his family. My uncle was a very religious man and used to insist that we get up at 6 am to join him in prayers. I used to get into lots of trouble because I would either not wake up on time or I couldn't be bothered to get up. When I did used to join the family for prayers, my uncle used to insist that we recite some of the prayers out loud. That was when I perfected the art of reciting The Lord's Prayer while fast asleep. It's a skill that comes in very handy, I can assure you. I now realise the gift my uncle was offering us each morning - raising our frequency; and I'm eternally grateful to him. Now, the first thing I do when I wake up every morning is I pray.

Sometimes I am inspired by a simple smile. Speaking of which, there is a courier company I've noticed around called eCourier, which I find very inspiring. The company's motto is delivering happiness. All the vans are purple (my favourite colour) with pink writings. On the side of their vans are slogans like: "Don't worry, be happy"; "This van is always half full"; and "Every hour is happy hour." Every time I see one of their van it makes me smile. I remember one time I was fretting over nothing. An eCourier van drove by with the words: "Don't worry be happy!" It was exactly what I needed to hear at the time. I hope this business continues to grow from strength to strength. And no, the company is not paying me to promote them.

When I entered the bus this morning, there was a row in full swing between this man and woman. From what I could make out they were arguing over whether someone should have given up a seat for a pregnant woman or not. I went to sit upstairs. I could still hear what was going on downstairs: the man and woman were effing and blinding at each other; and some guys joined in to defend the woman, which pissed off the other guy. I decided to bless everyone with peace. The atmosphere changed instantly. The guys who were defending the woman came to sit upstairs. Then the bus driver stopped the bus and said he was sick and tired of listening to the man complaining and his attitude was creating a lot of bad feelings on the bus. He gave the passenger an ultimatum: keep quiet or get off the bus. The man went silent. I hate to think what was going on in his head though; probably more effing and blinding. :-) After the man had got off at his stop, the driver apologised to the passengers for not acting sooner.

Another way I keep myself inspired is I share my experiences of what brings me joy in writing. The more I share, the more experiences I attract, which I end up sharing, which attracts more experiences of infinitum. There is a method to my madness. :-) Incidentally, I've just received the following email from a friend who recently discovered my blog:

Hi Enocia

I 'discovered' your blogs a few months ago and have been reading since. At work I often start the day by visiting your blog to see what little adventures came your way (Not advisable for the Employee-of-the-Month Award though...).

Anyway, I find it inspiring how you always can see the bright side of things. No more clouds to veil the sunshine!

I'm also walking the "mystic path" (call it that by lack of a good name), and more and more I realize that it's not so much the big things, but day to day life that is full of small wonders. Sometimes, unexpectedly, wells up a deep gratitude that this life exists at all. I'm sure you know what I mean. And other days I'm too busy chasing my ambitions and God knows what. But I can take a step back from it all at any moment and find refuge in my inner sanctuary.

Anyway, there's not so much I wanted to ask you, just say hi and introduce myself. Keep'em coming those posts!

Greetz, love & lots of hugs :-)

See what I mean? As I share joy, I attract more experiences of joy, such as this email, which is sustaining my frequency in joy. Thank you, friend, for being my inspiration.

Other things that inspire me are my mother, people, the Internet, writing, books, television, films, music, art, media, humour, animals, birds, nature, food, the colour purple, the number 8, aeroplanes, public transport and life in general.

Wishing you all inspiration in all your ways.


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