Friday, 29 February 2008

Leap Year

Given that this day only comes once every four years, I thought I'd share some important information about Leap Year.

Traditionally, it's when women are meant to propose to their men. Being a Smart Alec, I thought I would link that theme with some anagrams for "Leap Year."

Ale Payer - Well, all those women who are going to propose are probably going to need some Dutch courage i.e. Ale, plus they have to cough up for it. That's the price women have to pay for Feminism! ;-)

Peal Year - The church bells are certainly going to peal for those whose men say Yes.

Plea Year - No need to beg, have some dignity!

Early Ape - When one woman was turned down, she was so frustrated she called her man an "early ape!" whatever that means.

Anyway, if you fancy making up your own stories, here are loads more anagrams for Leap Year.

Have fun!


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