Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Love Thy Neighbour

When I went home last night my mother told me my older brother had been admitted in hospital. Now what? He was only in one a few months ago. Apparently, his neighbours were involved in a scuffle - including the wives and children - and he went to pull the men apart and he injured his knee. They reckon he's going to need an operation. I offered to visit him in hospital but my brother said he would rather I visit him at home, after he's had the surgery. Apparently, he's in high spirits because the hospital is well up to date on technology and he probably doesn't want me to distract me from his fun.

It's funny how we all have our own ways of diffusing a situation. Some people, like my brother, would step in to break up a fight. My mother said she would rather call the police than get involved. As for me, the most practical ways I know to resolve this type of situation are: prayer; blessing the situation with love and letting Love sort out the kerfuffle; being in silence.

My sister-in-law said one of the neighbour's wife brought some flowers this morning to apologise for last night. I'm not sure if my brother likes flowers but it's the thought that counts.

Love to all.


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