Wednesday, 6 February 2008

More about Giving and Receiving

I have observed that my True Self gives without conditions or limits. Everything I ask to experience I have already received. However, when I judge things as right/wrong or have rules about life, then I'm limiting how much I can receive. Thus, when I end up giving from this place of judgment I can only give with conditions.

Years ago when I practised a particular kind of healing, I used to be an email list that provided healing and blessings to people every week. We were meant to channel the energy we were receiving to the people and trusting in the Energy to do whatever was necessary. The belief system of that healing modality requires that people asking for healing/blessings should generate good karma by tithing to charities or their spiritual masters, or to do service work.

Because of the belief in generating good karma, I was giving with conditions. I wonder if that belief influenced the energy we channelled to people in need. If someone hadn't generated "good karma" would they only have a temporary healing or no healing?

I have now set up a blessing list where I am channelling energy and interceding on people's behalf. It doesn't matter whether you tithe or generate good karma, I am freely giving what I have freely received without conditions. Anyone wanting to go on my blessing list can email me at

Love to all.


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