Thursday, 7 February 2008

Mutual Agreements

As I was sitting in the bus waiting for it to move, I saw a woman who lives in the neighbourhood approaching the bus stop. She has a reputation for always complaining about her aches and pains and would chat to anyone who is willing to listen. Alas, she spotted me and came and sat next to me.

I asked her how she was and she went on about her aches and pains. I escaped into my inner sanctuary of Love. As I listened to and chatted to my neighbour I wished her peace. I find when I experience life from my inner sanctuary I can interact with people, go about my daily affairs, and even watch television from that space and remain unaffected by beliefs around me.

My neighbour is one of many examples of beliefs I'm bombarded with each day. For instance, the media bombards us with images of wars, disasters and views which we are invited to agree with. They even have the effrontery to predict "bad weather" and expect me to agree because they are meant to be experts and know what they're talking about. Of course when their predictions don't come true, they say it's to do with global warming, which we are invited to agree with. Dream on!

For me life is very simple - I only listen to and agree with the Inner Voice of Love which is the only cause and dreamer of my dreams. The rest have no cause, as far as I'm concerned, and don't exist.


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