Wednesday, 6 February 2008

My Ally

It's now time to pay homage to my ally in this game called life, my dream body.

Yes, this form that I identify myself as is only a dream body, a symbol of who I am. Like a computer, it is neutral and only performs as it is programmed to perform.

Our relationship hasn't always been a harmonious one, however, because of the conflict between what I tell her I am and what I actually am.

For years I'd been telling her that I need food, shelter, medication and sleep to survive; that I am limited to my genetic heritage; I only expect to live for a limited period.

Then one day I start telling her that I am eternal Spirit. That's when all hell broke loose because my body seems to be getting mixed messages and finding it difficult to comply so it either stays the same or does nothing.

In truth, it isn't the body that was finding it difficult letting go but me as consciousness. The body can only express what I believe about myself. I've been going through a process of weaning myself off the old beliefs and being constantly reminded of who I am.

I am Infinite Mind.
My body and Infinite Mind are one.

Thank you body for being such a perfect ally.


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