Saturday, 9 February 2008

My Choir of Angels - Part 2

I have written elsewhere that whenever I have a wish or intention, that wish is an angel whose purpose is to meet the need concerned. I believe that particular angel will not rest until that need has been met.

I'm reminded of the time I was looking for a place to go on a spiritual retreat. I felt like a butterfly about to emerge and I needed a place where I would be completely alone so I could spend time in prayer, meditation and contemplation. As I didn't have any money for rent I knew this place had to be available for free. After praying about it, I had an idea to contact a friend. The thought didn't make logical sense so I didn't pursue it, and yet I kept having repeated thoughts to call this friend until I relented and called him. By that time I was getting pretty desperate anyway as I needed to move out of where I was staying.

The first thing my friend said to me when we spoke on the phone was that he had a feeling I was a butterfly about to emerge and I needed a space to experience this. When I asked him a few days later about his butterfly metaphor, he couldn't remember saying it.

It turned out my friend was selling his deceased father's house. He was very busy with other activities at the time to be in the house full time so he needed someone to house-sit and help with the chores. He even offered to pay me to clean which took care of my needs. So I did end up having a perfect place for nearly two months to be alone while I was able to meet my friend's needs perfectly.

As you can see, my angel did not rest until my need had been met.

I was speaking to a friend recently about an email I had sent her. I said I'd forwarded a link to a seminar I thought she would find interesting, but she said she hadn't read her emails for a while. She said she would be interested in that seminar. I told her it was too late as the seminar date had now passed. My friend said she probably wasn't meant to go to that seminar. I told her that if she was still interested in that kind of seminar, I was sure that the Universe/angels will arrange other opportunities for this to happen.

I believe in my choir of angels.


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