Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Nothing Really Changes

In last night's episode of Hotel Babylon, one of the characters said: "Everything changes yet nothing really changes."

I can so relate to that statement. On the one hand people change, move on, grow closer, grow apart, etc. On the other hand nothing really changes.

How is this possible?

That's because there is one constant that never changes: the True Self which is always perfect. Thus, nothing can be added to or taken away from my True Self.

My True Self remains the same whether I am expressing HER love or not.

My True Self remains the same whether I am walking in light or darkness.

My True Self remains the same no matter what I experience.

Those who connect as the True Self realise that their love never changes. I'm reminded of an experience I once had when I was house-sitting a friend's house that he was in the process of selling at the time. His father used to live in the house until his passing. One day my friend's deceased father paid me a visit and asked if I could pass on a message to his son.

One of the things he shared was the love for his wife. He said that although his wife had been dead over 20 years before him, when they were finally "reunited" it was as if no time had passed. Their love had not been diminished in any way even though he appeared to have "moved on" and been experiencing life without his wife.

I am Love.


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