Monday, 11 February 2008

Opposites Do Not Attract

We had noted during all our journeys with these people that none of their clothing became soiled. We had remarked about this a great many times but had received no reply until this evening when, in answer to a remark made, our friend of the records said, "This may seem remarkable to you but it seems far more remarkable to us that one speck of God's created substance adheres to another of God's creations where it is not wanted and where it does not belong. With the right concept this could not happen, for no part of God's substance can be misplaced or placed where it is not wanted."

Then, in an instant we realized that our clothing and bodies were as clean as theirs were. The transformation, for to us it was a transformation, had taken place instantly to all three alike while we stood there. All fatigue left us and we were as refreshed as though we had arisen from bed and had our morning bath.
The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East, Volume 1

I've heard people say "opposites attract." That's not my experience of life.

On the bus a whole herd of kids got on, obviously on some kind of school trip. They came upstairs and sat in front near where I was sitting. Although I wasn't too bothered, I would have preferred it if they sat at the back. As more of them got on, one of their teachers told them all to move to the back of the bus. She also gave them a lecture about keeping their voices down during the journey. At one point the kids got lively again and in thought I said "Shhh!" One of the teachers instantly told them to be quiet.

At the library I was allocated a computer but I didn't fancy using that computer. When I tried to log on, it wouldn't work. After trying twice and it still wouldn't work, I was allocated a different computer. I noticed when someone else was allocated the computer I had rejected, it worked perfectly for him.

It just shows what I love loves me back; and what I don't want to experience is repelled. In other words, opposites do not attract.


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