Monday, 4 February 2008

Predicting the Future

My bus journeys home reveal so much about who I am.

Usually when I'm travelling back from central London, I travel on the 19 or 38 to a place called Angel where I can catch my next bus. At Angel I have a choice of three buses: 73, 476 or 341. I can choose to catch the 73 or the 476, which travel on the same route most of the time. When I get off I usually wait for my next bus, 41.

The 341 travels part of the way as the 73 and 476, then uses another route. When I get off the 341 I have a choice between catching the 41 or the 230, which travel on different routes but get me to the local bus station.

At the bus station, I have a choice whether to wait for my last bus, the W4, or walk home. Majority of the time I walk home, which only takes about 10 minutes.

The other night as I was travelling from the west end, I was given a preview of my bus journey home from Angel. I had a thought that the first bus to arrive at Angel would be the 341. If I decided not to catch the 341, I had a few minutes wait till the next one, the 73. If I did decide to catch the 341, when I got off, the first bus that was going to arrive at the bus stop would be the 230. I also had a thought that I would be walking home from the bus station; and I would arrive home before the W4.

Just as I had "predicted" my first bus was the 341. I decided to catch it. When I got off and waited at the bus stop, the first bus to arrive was the 230. When I got off that bus I walked home. Just as I was arriving at our street, I heard the W4 pulling up behind me.

The next day I put my "prediction" skills again to the test. This time, I could "see" that the first bus that was going to arrive at Angel was the 476. I saw myself getting off that bus then catching the 41 to the bus station. I saw that as soon as we arrived at the bus station, the W4 would be right behind.

This time my prediction wasn't as spot on. At Angel, the first bus to arrive was the 73 but it was only going part of the way so I didn't catch it. However, the 476 was right behind, which I caught; it ended up overtaking the 73 in front. When I got off the 476, I waited a few minutes for the 41. As soon as I got off the 41, the W4 was right behind which I caught home.

Was I actually predicting the future? Can I see myself making a living as a fortune teller?

Well it depends how you want to see it? I believe the "future" i.e. my future has already happened as a potential or idea. This means that I as Self has already experienced each day as my future self. All that was happening was my future self was telling my present self what she had already experienced as a thought or idea. I, as my present self, had a choice whether to follow that blueprint or "create" my own. I followed the blueprint.

Last week, my future self (now my past self) told me what I was going to experience that week and where my focus would be; and that's exactly what happened, which led to the articles I produced.

My future self has shown me what the theme of this week is and what I'm going to experience. I can't wait to live out my future.

Every day I have a choice whether to live out the future Self has already experienced or not. I find following my future self involves trust. The more evidence I have of my future coming true, the more I trust in mySelf.

Still, I don't think I'll be offering my services as a fortune teller just yet.


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