Friday, 29 February 2008

Remember Love

It's no accident that I was born into the family I was born into; or that I was born in London; or that after my parents got divorced, my brothers and I went to live with relatives in Sierra Leone. It's no accident that I came back to live in London. Everything was planned perfectly in line with what I am here to achieve.

After experiencing child sexual abuse, I vowed I would break the chain of abuse. I thought that was my mission. Then I realised that there were other chains I needed to break such as the attachment to race, religion, nationality etc. After going through psychoanalysis and deconstructing my identities, I thought that was it, but there was something missing in my life which nothing could fill. I then met several people who kept giving me the identical message: "Spirit wants to work with you." I kept resisting and resisting. It was only when I surrendered to Spirit that I realised I was here to demonstrate Love is all there is.

Unfortunately, people who had agreed to work with me had forgotten our agreements because for whatever reason they are also resisting their "mission." The good news is that even when someone doesn't remember on one level, at another level they always remember because we are all one in Love.

For instance, when I finally surrendered, I was guided to move in with my mother. Over the years she had accumulating books on metaphysics that she didn't find at all helpful. Yet something had told her to keep them. I found them very useful indeed. After living together for a few years, we lived apart briefly.

It was now time, according to Spirit, to put my conviction to the test by completely trusting in God/Love to meet all my needs On top of this I was given a task to freely share my experiences without the resources to do so. So I prayed for help and I got the idea to move back in with my mother. Again she was ambivalent because a part of her doesn't find any value in what I do. She thinks I'm wasting my life when I could be an important person everyone can look up to. Yet, there is a part of her that offers assistance, even though she doesn't know why she is doing it. I believe it is Love working through her, pure and simple.

I have since remembered/being shown other things I'm going to be doing, which obviously involves other people. I trust in Love to attract the right people at the right time.

All my love and eternal gratitude to the One Love in all.


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