Thursday, 7 February 2008

Steamy Windows and Other Beautiful Things

The world can appear quite ordinary but in the twinkling of an eye, it can be magically transformed into a place of untold beauty.

Sometimes when it's cold on the bus, people prefer to have the windows closed and the windows get steamy. If I'm sitting next to a window, I wipe it so I can see where I'm going unless it's at night when I prefer to see through the frosted windows. Because it's dark outside, all I can see are car headlights and tail lights with lots of rays emanating from them. It's like I've stepped into another realm of light only and it's beautiful to behold.

I also love watching street lights through the steamy windows. Each light has a beautiful rainbow aureola with tiny rays of light around them. Magic!

In a wildlife documentary about cold-blooded animals I was watching the other night, they used infrared cameras to point out when lizards get warm. When the infrared camera was on the world was transformed into shades of orange, yellow, blue and purple where the lighter colours represent warmth; and the darker colours signify cold. It was incredible.

Speaking of beauty, here's a website about roses. I simply adore roses; they make my heart sing. I could spend all day browsing this website.

Have a beautiful day!


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