Saturday, 16 February 2008

Stop That Bus!

My real self is infinite light that exists in all time, all space and in all forms and realities. Put another way, I have infinite selves in all time and space that are always in agreement. It's a matter of remembering to ask for their assistance at all times.

On the bus I was on, I noticed my next bus was right in front of us. I was hoping the bus I was on would overtake it but it wasn't happening. So I asked the Me on the bus ahead to help me catch it.

In the meantime another passenger, who had noticed the bus in front, said to her friend that she was hoping they could catch the bus in front but she didn't think they were going to catch it. I begged to differ. I knew I was going to catch that bus.

There were only two more stops remaining before the bus routes diverged. It was time to take action. I pressed the bell and waited for the bus to stop. I also noticed the other passengers were getting off as well. As soon as the bus stopped, I ran to catch the one in front, which was still waiting at the bus stop. I even beckoned the two passengers from the last bus to catch up and the driver waited for them. They thanked me for stopping the bus on their behalf.

All my love and gratitude to my selves in all time and all space.


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