Wednesday, 27 February 2008

The Sword of Freedom

A while back, I had a vision where I was given a sword made of Light, which I was told would free me from obstacles, limiting beliefs, attachments; and cutting through undesirable thought forms.

Why would I give myself a sword to free myself when I only need to be my True Self, who is already free? Indeed, it is a troublesome paradox. While I have experienced my True Self's freedom, these experiences are still few and far between. I mean, I wouldn't be bashing away at this keyboard if I could project the words instantly on screen, would I?

I guess that since it was I who created or bought into those limiting beliefs and experiences, it is I who have to free myself from those beliefs. The sword is one of many ways to achieve this.

This also means I get to live out my fantasy of becoming a Jedi Knight and wield my sword. I can always call for back-up if I need to.

May the Force be with you!


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