Wednesday, 20 February 2008

What's Enlightenment Got to Do With It?

In an email exchange I had with a friend, he wrote:

"I realise now that 'enlightenment' is a false goal. It's just another form of ego trying to make someone feel that they are different or special. I believe that it's the small things in day to day life that are important. For me 'sharing' insights and publishing ideas for others to follow is just amplifying the ego again. For you, that's fine though, it's your 'way' but it's not for me."

Well, I'm not here to judge why people do what they do, I can only speak for myself.

My stories are reminders to myself that, despite appearances and fear mongering, life is good and filled with joy and wonder. Years ago I used to attend Christian Science church meetings. Every Wednesday there is a testimony meeting where people share healings, blessings and miracles they've experienced through prayer, studying the Bible and the Christian Science text book. I was able to share my experiences of healings through prayer and give God/Love the glory. When I stopped following that religion, I still had lots of testimonies to share. What better way to share the wonder of life than on the Internet? And by sharing love I am magnifying love in my life experience.

Sharing the joy of life happens to fit in with my love of writing. Although I've experimented with different styles of writing, "writing from experience" is what I'm drawn to. However, my writing only started to flow when I wrote about love. Now I see that wisdom, beauty, inspiration and joy is everywhere present.

I often hear people complaining about the media and its negative impact on their loved one's psyche. The way I see it, instead of complaining, why not do something about it? So I use the Internet to share stories that I would like to read. The by-product of sharing insights and ideas is that I've connected with so many wonderful people who have enriched my life in so many ways. For instance, a friend who I've never met in person, but correspond with, sent me some prints from his website. I told him how much my mother and I had appreciated the prints. This was my friend's response:

"Glad you and your mother are enjoying them Enocia! It was my great pleasure to send them especially since you liked the grand canyon tree image so much. You give so much with your writings and other things you send around, so I thought it would be nice to send something back to you."

Speaking of giving something back, I've read many books and articles that have been great guides and have inspired me to be true to myself, for which I am eternally grateful. I am simply returning the favour by shining my light as guides only, which readers are free to use as they see fit.

Finally, sharing my experiences and insights in writing is my piece of the jigsaw called the human experience. Put another way, expressing my joy in writing is my calling and what gives my life purpose. I’m glad I heeded the call.

Now though I insist that my experiences are not meant to instruct, I've received hundreds of letters from readers who have found my "ordinary" stories not only of value but have inspired people to be true to themselves. Here's one email I received recently:

"I've been doing a lot of work on the house these past few days. Today you helped me! I had some stubborn nuts and bolts that wouldn't come apart and as so often I think, what would Enocia do? I imagined how love flowed through them but didn't quite get it. Eventually I 'heard' 'wiggle', so I wiggled the two bits of metal against each other and the bolts came apart quite easily."

I was happy to have inspired my friend to see with the eyes of love, which is my friend's true self; at least that's what I believe. When she was open to let Love express as her, she got the equivalent experience.

The other day I shared my appreciation after watching a K.D. Lang concert. The next day I received an email from someone who runs a forum called Langisms. She asked if I could describe the concert for people who had not seen that concert. I was happy to share.

Here's one example of how sharing ideas can be a lot of fun. Some time last year I read a post on someone's blog, which has now been deleted. The piece was called "Jumper." At the time when I first saw the title I thought of jumper as in a pullover/sweater in the British sense of the word. It turned out the piece was about the writer contemplating what it would be like to jump off a tall building, though he never did which is a crying shame. :-D Jump forward several months and there is a new film out called Jumper, which is about a man who teleports from place to place. In one review I read about the film, the reviewer wondered whether Americans were aware of the unfortunate film title, which some Brits are bound to interpret as pullover. I wonder if lots of people are going to stay away from the film because they think it's about a pullover. Reminds me of the film, Free Willy, which has a totally different meaning for British audience. ;-)

I trust you have now been enlightened as to why I share insights and experiences.

Wishing you peace in all your ways.


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