Friday, 8 February 2008

Why I Will Never Move On from the Past

Some people believe that in order to experience more of life you have to move on from a relationship, friendship or past experiences, otherwise you are likely to get stuck in a rut. Some people even have makeovers because they believe their new appearances will enable them to feel different or have new experiences. Is this really true? Well, it all depends on one's perspective.

As I was pondering on these ideas during my bus journey, I noticed someone had dumped this week's Sport Magazine (issue #62) on the bus seat which I picked up. I read an interview with Christine Ohuruogu, last year's 400m world champion. Here's part of the interview:

Congratulations on the gold in Osaka. Does being the current world champion make you want the Olympic title even more?

"I've moved on from last year. I can't keep dragging out the gold medal, and the Olympics is bigger than the worlds anyway."

So what are your expectations for Beijing?

"If you dream of what might happen in an Olympic year, then you are wasting valuable energy - I'm just focusing on staying fit now." Beijing 2008 British Hopefuls

I can understand where Christine is coming from. She seems to believe that focusing on her past achievement is likely to prevent her from achieving greater things.

I believe staying in the past can be a very good thing provided you know how to use the past. What is the past anyway? For me, the past is not some historical record of events and experiences I have had, but a repository of my feelings of love, joy, bliss, gratitude, laughter, fun and happiness.

When I experience my True Self in meditation, I experienced myself as light and as a feeling. As light, I appear as a sun that is infinitely brighter than this sun; and as a feeling, I'm the sum total of love, joy, bliss, laughter, happiness magnified a zillion-fold.

What we consider to be experiences are nothing but by-products of these feelings. I'm reminded of what Jesus teaches in the Bible that instead of worrying about how life is going to turn out it's important to:

"seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." Matthew 6: 33

This means know yourself as the feeling of love, joy, happiness etc, then the experiences, things and stuff will follow. For instance, when I'm feeling gratitude, I have new experiences that make me feel more gratitude and the more gratitude I feel the more experiences I have that make me feel more infinitum. You could say that my blog is a record of my feelings of love, joy, bliss, gratitude, laughter, fun and happiness in manifestation.

Let's say I'm not feeling particularly joyful, all I have to do is recall a time when I was feeling in joy, anchor myself in that feeling, and the equivalent experience(s) will follow.

Staying in the past is simply one of many ways of being my True Self. Why on earth would I want to move on when I'm having so much fun?


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