Thursday, 7 February 2008

The World in Motion

Express yourself
It's one on one
Express yourself
It's one on one
Express yourself
You can’t be wrong
When somethings good
It's never wrong

Love's got the world in motion
And I know what we can do
Love's got the world in motion
And I can’t believe it’s true
World in Motion, lyrics

Things are not how they appear.

Many years ago I used to live in a place called Harrow-on-the-Hill. I used to love walking up the hill so I could sit in St Mary's Church which was often empty and very peaceful. Sometimes when I had the day off I would sit at the back of the church and gaze at the altar. After a while I would notice that the altar and the pews were shimmering. I would experience myself as part of the shimmer and I would feel buoyant and be filled with joy.

After that I noticed the world was in constant motion. I would be waiting for the train, for instance, and look at the tracks. One minute it looked solid then the tracks would be quivering, which would made me feel dizzy. I would check to see if anyone was seeing what I was seeing.

Now I love watching the world in motion.

I love sitting in parks and seeing fine filaments in trees, flowers and fauna that seem to make them sway in their own secret rhythm.

I love seeing millions of tiny sparkles of lights darting in and out of the blue sky.

I also notice on a sunny day when I squint I can see streaks of light which form tiny circles of multicoloured lights that seem to expand the longer I observe them.

I love seeing flashes of light in constant display around me; they seem to flicker on and off.

I love observing light streaming from my eyes, my fingers and my body.

I love watching tiny diamantes of light appearing unexpectedly on my arm or on my face.

I love that the universe is in constant motion and that I and the universe are moving as one.


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