Saturday, 1 March 2008


The other night I watched a documentary about two girls who were abducted eight years ago. At the time they were ten years old. One of girl's father described what he was going through at the time. He said the police asked him to let go as they were on the case, but he felt so helpless. After being away for about four days, the girls were rescued.

I'm sure many people can relate to the father's helplessness. Most people have been programmed to be in control and depend on no one. To be dependent means you haven't got any sense of dignity. Where is your pride?

In Remember Love I wrote that I was here to demonstrate Love as my only supply. This means letting go of pride, becoming like a child, and depending on God to meet all my needs; and I mean everything. I pray to Love first and trust in Love to appear as the equivalent form. Every day I wake up grateful for the day ahead and all of Love's infinite blessings. And I take nothing for granted.

So yes, I have to admit, I am very weak. There is no room for me and Love; there is only Love. Where there is only Love, life is filled with wonder, joy, and miracles.

Thank God for helplessness!


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