Saturday, 15 March 2008

Oh, What Fun!

On the bus this morning I noticed the computerised Announcer was giving passengers the wrong destination.

I said to the woman beside me, "I hope to God this bus is not going to Ilford because that's in the opposite direction."

"Maybe, the driver doesn't know where he's going," she chuckled.

"The other day I got on a bus that said 243 in front and 123 on the side. So I asked the bus driver which was correct. He said I should ignore the number on the side."

"Sounds like the driver didn't have a clue," my friend said.

On the bendy buses passengers have to buy their tickets in advance before travelling. Sometimes people get on these buses without tickets. If you're caught without a valid ticket on these buses, you get fined on the spot. Some inspectors even report people to the Police. Now there is an announcement that comes on reminding passengers with Oyster Cards to touch in their cards on the reader. The other day, I heard an announcement that asked passengers to get their tickets ready as the ticket inspectors were getting on at the next stop to check our passes. Passengers who hadn't touched in their cards got up to do so. A few who didn't have tickets got off. At the next stop no inspectors got on. I reckon the bus driver had only put on that announcement to put the fear of God in passengers. I shared this story with my friend and we had a good laugh about it.

I noticed the Announcer on our bus was now announcing the correct destination.

"The driver must have woken up," my friend said.

It's such fun travelling by bus.


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