Tuesday, 11 March 2008

On Being a Flirt

In last night episode of America's Next Top Model, the host, Tyra Banks was teaching the prospective models how to flirt with the camera. She encouraged the girls to treat the cameras like their boyfriends or partners.

I could relate to this. I see the world as a reflection of My Beloved, my ONE True Love, which I'm constantly flirting with. While I'm flirting, I see the same look of love of my Beloved in people's eyes.

On the bus this morning, this elderly-looking woman got on. She had this radiant smile. I was also stuck by the beauty of her eyes, which were so blue, I couldn't help but fall in love with her. She sat opposite me. She said she'd been running for the bus.

"Thank God, I could run for the bus," she said.
"Thank God, you were able to get out of bed," I grinned.
"Yes, thank God."
"And thank God for such a lovely day," I said.
"It's a lot better compared to yesterday, innit?" she said. "Yesterday was so windy."

As the bus drove off, the lady pointed a shop where she said she'd bought her hat. She said she used to work in a shop round the corner for 40 years. I thought that was amazing. The longest I've ever been in a job was 18 months and that felt like eternity.

My friend also pointed another shop where she said she'd worked for 15 years. She said she still visits her former colleagues who still work there. She asked me if I was on my way to college, which made me chuckle. I must have the perennial look of a student.

As we chatted, I told the lady how beautiful her eyes were. She said people are always commenting on her eyes.

"I met a man the other day who said, 'Why are you staring at me with those eyes?'"

"You should have said to him, 'Why are you staring at me with yours?'"

We both giggled.

My friend and I continued chatting. I asked her if she'd ever been married. She said she was and had seven kids, seven grandkids and great-grandchildren though she wasn't too sure how many great-grandchildren she had. She said I had reminded her to buy some birthday cards. She usually buys the cards and gets her kids to post them on her behalf.

My friend said she was on her way to a shoe shop in Elephant and Castle, which has good leather shoes but costs half the price of normal shops. She recommended that I check it out sometime.

As I was getting off the bus, my friend said, "Mind how you go!" Just at that moment the bus lurched forward which could have sent me flying but something held me upright. I had a feeling my friend's good wish had protected me.

It was such fun flirting with my friend.


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